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Markus Mäntynen is Alvari-awarded startup coach and one of the key figures of establishing Jyväskylän Yritystehdas (Jyväskylä Business and Innovation Factory). Markus's job is to get your company rock'n  – no matter if you are seeking help for growth, funding, strategic planning, marketing or networking – with no-nonsense attitude.





Synesa Solutions Oy - Both designing and facilitating the strategy day

Health Accelerator Kuopio (pilot), keynote speaker

University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Kuopio, sparring for Business Finland TUTL-project(s)

City of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylän Yritystehdas (Jyväskylä Business and Innovation Factory), Ideasta Kasvuun-project: project manager, marketing coordinator & startup coach.

Creator of Yritystehdas accelerator program utilizing both LEAN and GATE-modeling.

University of Jyväskylä, sparring for Business Finland TUTL-project(s)

Te?ted Oy, coaching the team for successful seed round. Winner of Turku Science Park Spark Up competition.

Ideator, co-founder and supervisor of Discovery Tuesday, a joint programme with Jyväskylä Entrepreneurship Society. Discovery Tuesday is a 5-week sparring program for future startup entrepreneurs, featuring top notch coaches from Finland like Inka Mero, Henkka Hyppönen and the like. 

Co-Founder, Kahvikiihdytys, a joint programme together with Jyväskylän Yritystehdas, Central Finland Chamber of Commerce, JCI Jyväskylä and Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Central Finland. #Kahvikiihdytys is a modern get-together breakfast discussing hot topics from the field of entrepreneurship.

Recenart, coaching the team for successful seed round. Featured on Helsingin Sanomat, Slush article, other article here.

Onerva Hoivaviestintä Oy, coaching for seed round. Winner of #Slush17 pitching competition. Featured on article.

 Myö Hostel, coaching for successful start. Featured on Helsingin Sanomat, article.